Terra Nova

Campaign communication

Everywhere we go, we meet messages of communication campaigns. It does not matter if these promote a product or an image, sell an ideology or a politician, rouse us to social action or ask for the 2% of our taxes: we are facing the most effective means of planned communication. These campaigns, following a noble or a doubted aim, quietly or uproariously, masked or  oblique, became a part of our everyday life. They move us in a way just like the waves do with the stones of the shore; then they put us back in a rearranged environment, with changes in our polish.

Their structure and function may be complex, but the planning techniques of campaigns can be learned. This book offers help in this respect, by presenting the basic campaign types, the definition of their target audience and the instruments necessary for reaching them – from a practical perspective. This book is a useful one for those who are amateur or experienced campaign planners, and who work for NGOs, institutions or political parties and desire to make these institutions’ and organizations’ communicational activity more effective.

Hungarian version available at IDEA