Terra Nova

Cluj-Napoca – Kolozsvár – Klausenburg (2010 – 2014)

“Branding Cluj” was the first process of developing a brand on the complex and undermined field of Cluj-Napoca – Kolozsvár – Klausenburg. The cultural, ethnical, origin of the groups and ideological mixture is a true challenge for all the brand-makers, therefore there were and probably will be many approaches.
As a member of the brand-development group, our responsibilities were as it follows:
  • Planning of the branding process, working methods, partners and resources involved; summarizing the references;
  • Evaluation of present situation (analysis of documents and hard data, image, quantitative and qualitative researches);
  • Developing the city’s long term vision, the brand objectives, and brand values;
  • Developing the brand strategy (vision, positioning, values, attributes, public relation with the target groups), brand identity, brand expression, communication strategy, verbal and visual identity;
  • Design of brand and identity standards (Guide of standards), developing the marketing plan, developing the communication plan;
  • Creation of the complete branding plan and documentation;
  • Monitoring of implementation, evaluations.
The description of the brand essence and the final brand-brief was completed in October 2011, followed by the launching of the Visual Identity Book and the Event Plan.
For the period 2012-2014 we took part in strategy planning for the Cluj Management and Planning Group (www.cmpg.ro ) developing Cluj Napoca’s Development plan for 2014-2020 period including the European Youth Capital in 2015 and preparation for the European Cultural Capital 2021 competition.