Terra Nova

Conflict management

The aim of this training can be dual. On the one hand, it can be applied in the case of participants who are group coordinators, work in human resources or maintain intensive interpersonal relationships. On the other hand it can be used in groups where one can speak about a latent or already existing conflict – in this case, the aim is to recognize the conflict, to plan the interaction and at the end to dissolve the conflict. In this training we don’t focus on the theory of conflict management, but rather on understanding the conflict’s nature, analyzing the concrete situation, practicing the techniques. The expected result is for participants to able to recognize conflicts and to find a solution together (with the participants), to dissolve the conflict.

Proposed subjects and activities:

  • situation evaluation and problem analysis;
  • the conflict’s cause and nature , emerging process, prevention;
  • conflict identification, the conflict mapping techniques;
  • conflict solution methods, reestablishing the communication channels;
  • conflict and crisis scripts;
  • simulations, modeling the conflict dissolving situation.