Terra Nova

Media communication

Familiar situation: a person or an organization wants to communicate something to its target audience through the media. Despite all the effort, the message does not reach the desired publicity. In this situation the following question appears: Is there a problem with the deliverer, the media or the transmission of the information?

There are bags of good pieces of advice, but there is an unnoticeable amount of materials which also consider the perspective and the expectations of the press in personal and organizational media communications. This is the aim of this handbook, which was „tested on press professionals”, that is why it can offer effective and practical guidance in the formation of effective media relationships. It presents the communication procedure starting with the stages of the first contact, the appearance and presence in media and the final stage of press monitoring and archiving.

This is a handbook with a practical perspective, which can be consulted – indifferent from the level of experience in the field – by any person or organization representative who comes into contact with the media.

Hungarian version available at IDEA