Terra Nova

Negotiation techniques

A dynamic training based on real situations, taking those experiences one by one. The aim of this training is to recognize the situations of negotiation, to improve the ability of expression and persuasion, increase psychical resistance and to prepare for emotional and rational negotiation using the proper negotiation techniques. As a result, the members will be able to present their ideas and interests in an effective way, reach an agreement avoiding conflicts and enter fiercely in future negotiations. Our in-house breed training comes along with a handbook available in three languages.

Proposed subjects and activities:

  • practice: situation analysis, problem map, first negotiation;
  • negotiation planning and process, content and psychological preparation;
  • identification and the usage of different communication and negotiation styles;
  • rational and emotional negotiation techniques, verbal and nonverbal channels;
  • strategies, 35 negotiation tactics, settlement techniques;
  • practice: verbal reasoning and persuasion, reading of the negotiation partner;
  • negotiation role-plays according to the professional profile of participants.