Terra Nova

Negotiation Techniques

Using the right channels of nonverbal communication is as important to all of us as the right perception and decoding of messages sent by others. By developing this ability, we can orient ourselves better and “read” those around us. To this aim, we need to gain specific knowledge, skills and experience. This handbook is meant to help the reader acquire all three. Starting from the beginner’s level, it takes the inexperienced but interested reader to higher levels. It offers both the beginner and the experienced user theoretical frames to understand the field, as well as practical approaches ready to be applied and tested.

This handbook offers a clear outline of the channels of communication, highlighting their characteristics, and focuses on the individual methods of reading nonverbal signs. The book can be considered successful if the reader catches the taste and starts to invest into his or her own personal development. Following the steps outlined, doing the exercises from the end of chapters and even starting an individual experiment, the reader should become more and more capable or reading and understanding nonverbal signs, as well as gaining a more effective self-expression.

English version available at: AMAZON

Hungarian version available at: IDEA