Terra Nova

Nonverbal Communication En – Hu – Ro

This handbook is not intended to revolutionize the culture of negotiations. It has a different role: it summarizes the literature and the experiences of practice in this field, thus bringing about change in individual negotiation habits. In this way, its aim is the improvement of negotiations skills, the acquirement of constructive and compromise-seeking negotiation techniques and the practice of these for a more effective assertion of interests.

In favour of improvement, this handbook:

  • systematizes and widens general knowledge regarding negotiation techniques;
  • demonstrates with examples and diagrams;
  • provides individual skills assesment tests for each chapter;
  • contains self-assessment exercises;
  • describes simulations and role-plays;
  • presents techniques and interpersonal communications schemes.
By making the theoretical elements understandable, evaluating ourselves, participating in role-plays this handbook becomes practical and lifelike, leaving behind the habits of theoretical, descriptive books and theorizing lectures.
Hungarian version available at IDEA.