Terra Nova

Nonverbal communication: profiling

Profiling, as the method of conscious sign reading and interpretation, has a very important role especially when it comes to team leading, intense interpersonal relations or dealing with clients. Our internally developed profiling training encapsulates our techniques and our experience resulting in understandable, practical activities and a handbook in three languages. It is advised to take the verbal and nonverbal training first, and to have a proper evaluation of personal abilities and motivations before the training.

Proposed subjects and activities:

  • test and online profiles: self-evaluation and personal characteristics;
  • the synergy of offline and online, verbal and nonverbal channels;
  • the taxonomy of signs, reading methods and process;
  • practice: offline and online sign reading, process analysis;
  • methods of the personality analysis; personality types;
  • practice: personal profile building, external profile analysis.