Terra Nova

Odorheiu-Secuiesc / Székelyudvarhely (since 2013)

A friendly, hospitable but very controverted city, head of the region but not of it’s own county, was one of the more challenging projects of us. With many skilled people and small project leaders, having not much support the community creates outstanding projects and activities in some fields carelessly forgetting or withdrawing the support from others. Our responsibilities were as it follows:

  • Developing the brand strategy (surveys and data processing, defining value systems, brand pillars, brand essence, key projects, communication campaigns)
  • Defining the specific event and break-out activities, positioning on the touristic and economical investment map
  • Building-up a Communication Office for the LGA
  • Creating and leading online and offline communication campaigns
  • Creating the city’s Visual Identity Book and the image of public institutions
  • Monitoring the activity of the Communication Office and the implementation of the branding plan.

The communication plans and strategies based on the available and created primary hard and soft data become part of the Development Strategy created for the 2014-2020 financial period. The existing strategy should be suitable to support the EU-fund attractions for the financial cycle breaking the vicious circle of failing at the funding and accessing resources.