Terra Nova

Presentation techniques

The aim of this training is to prepare the participants for direct speech, meetings and plenary presentation. The training gives details on preparing content, presentation techniques, how to use technical equipment but it also discusses techniques of psychical preparation as well. The simulations aim to develop presentation competences and by recording and playing back the presentations, break through the fear of the first presentation. After this, a personal and plenary evaluation will be done, detecting the weak points, correcting them and forming recommendations. As a result, the participants will be more confident on their presentations and the individually shaped exercises will help them improve their public appearance even after the training is done.
Proposed subjects and activities:
  • The presentations’ characteristics’, preparing for a presentation
  • Personal and group presentation techniques
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication techniques
  • Psychical preparation, error correlation
  • Tools, introducing visual tools in the presentation
  • Interest captivation and maintenance
  • Content management, visual elements and transposing content to visual presentation platforms
  • Storytelling, experience-based and spectacular presentations
  • The personalized assumption of the exercises
  • Presentation recording, playback and analysis