Terra Nova

Project Management

The ‘project’ is a fashionable concept in our days and project management is considered to be its key-field. These notes offer guidance to the understanding of the field and its basic concepts. It helps those who:

  • would like to create a project, or to start implementing one, those who would like to write a new project, to gather resources, but first they need to create a project out of their new idea
  • would like to systematize the knowledge they already have,
  • think that they need basic knowledge in the field of project management for successful assertion,
  • feel that this is a part of the general knowledge of today’s man,
  • meet these concepts with the occasion of a training or lectures at a university.

These notes do not intend to offer a ready-made receipt, but they show a possible way in a project’s planning, writing and implementation stages. The synthesis of the general literature of the field, the explanation of the rarely discussed parts and the adequately elaborated examples of the EU’s principles regarding regional politics facilitate an easier understanding.

Hungarian version available at: IDEA