Terra Nova

Public speaking

The training prepare the participants for the wide audience public speaking from the preliminary fear/reduction to the adjustments of the professional speakers. The training gives details on preparing the content and the structure, the psychical and technical preparation, debates the most common insufficiencies and critical practices, correcting them and forming the recommendations. As a result of the training the participants will be more confident on their presentations and the individually shaped exercises will help them to improve their public appearances even after the training is done. On request, following the training we can provide individual coaching.

Proposed subjects and activities:

  • the presentations’ characteristics’, fear-reduction, evaluations;
  • methods of content, psychical and technical preparation;
  • the synergy of verbal, nonverbal and visual communication channels;
  • content management, data visualization, visual presentation platforms;
  • interest captivation and maintenance;
  • storytelling, experience-based and persuasive presentations;
  • presentation recording, individual evaluation, recommendations.