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Sfântu-Gheorghe / Sepsiszentgyörgy (2009-2012)

Sfântu-Gheorghe / Sepsiszentgyörgy is the head of Covasna county. A small city, populated mostly by the Hungarian minority, close to the aggregation area of Brasov, one of the most developed cities of the county. The traditional local community is real proud of their identity and culture and now they have a unique way to expose it and make them proud in the front of a larger regional and international community. Check the site of the Local Government Administration: www.sfantugheorgheinfo.ro, www.sepsiszentgyorgyinfo.ro

The brand development and implementation process follows the standard process, viable for the head of Covasna county.

  • Developing the brand strategy (surveys and data processing, defining value systems, brand pillars, brand essence, key projects, communication campaigns)
  • Defining the specific event and break-out activities, positioning on the touristic and economical investment map
  • Building-up a City Brand Office (first one in Romania)
  • Creating the city’s Visual Identity Book and the image of public institutions (leading designer Salat Csaga, www.csagasa.ro)
  • Monitoring the activity of the City Brand Office and the implementation of the branding plan.

The city of Sfântu-Gheorghe / Sepsiszentgyörgy in now considered one of the best positioned cities in the country, with a light, but well defined image. It is attractive to younger to settle down (starting 2012 the demographic growth become positive) and for investors looking for a reliable and competitive business environment.