Terra Nova

Târgu-Secuiesc / Kézdivásárhely (2012 – 2014)

Târgu-Secuiesc / Kézdivásárhely is the second largest city of Covasna county. They say here „even the rain stays still” but it has a specific charm and warm, with a hospitable Hungarian community. Can a city not too big, not too small, and eclipsed by the head of county and an economic-based major city of the country come up with something original and gain its position on the mental maps? Sure it can. And it will.

The new brand of the city, ithe image and appreciation of the public institutions and festivals were assigned to us. The main responsibilities were as it follows:

  • Developing the brand strategy (surveys and data processing, defining value systems, brand pillars, brand essence, key projects, communication campaigns)
  • Defining the specific event and break-out activities, positioning on the touristic and economical investment map
  • Building-up a Communication Office for the LGA
  • Creating and leading online and offline communication campaigns
  • Creating the city’s Visual Identity Book and the image of public institutions (leading designer Salat Csaga, www.csagasa.ro)
  • Monitoring the activity of the Communication Office and the implementation of the branding plan.

After two years the process had the first signs: the new service approach of the public institutions, the events, including the monthly fair and the rebranded City Days, the job line and new hiring strategy become visible and had a measurable attitude-change among the citizens.