Terra Nova


In every case the trainings and team-buildings are personalized for a certain group. The training plan is developed for each group individually, based on previous discussions, group evaluation and expected outcomes. In conformity with a previous agreement the individual personal profile of each participant, the group’s conflict map can be created and, in the case of a series of trainings, the development processes can be followed both at an individual or at a group level. As supplementary exercises, we suggest other kind of activities, provided by partner companies – outdoor activities, extreme sports, social dance education, escaping games, animal assisted exercises.

Proposed subjects and activities

  • interpersonal relationship modeling and evaluation;
  • indoor and outdoor activities encouraging communication and trust;
  • interactive group evaluation and group dynamics facilitation, self-evaluation;
  • test: assumption of roles within a group, plenary discussions, feedback;
  • roleplays, trust games to facilitate the trust & communication within the team.